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Immigration laws are strict and complex. So, when you find yourself dealing with deportation and immigration challenges, find an experienced deportation lawyer near you. Here at Liberty Legal Group, we have a reliable deportation defense attorney in Leesburg, VA that will walk you through deportation laws and the deportation process. Protect your rights and get informed on relevant legal proceedings and laws by hiring us as your legal support.

Liberty Legal understands how stressful this time can be for individuals and families. When you put your trust in our law firm, you will receive compassionate and committed attorneys by your side. Contact us today if you or in or around the following areas in Virginia:

  • Leesburg
  • Alexandria
  • Reston
  • Arlington
  • Woodbridge
  • Manassas
  • Falls Church
  • Fairfax
  • Herdon
  • Sterling
  • Ashburn

With a focus on Immigration Law, our firm is confident in the legal counsel it provides for clients in complicated deportation situations. From immigration bonds and reopening deportation orders, we can do it all. Simply give us a call today to see how our deportation lawyer in Leesburg can assist you.

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Understanding Deportation Laws

Deportation occurs when the federal government removes an alien (non-citizen) for violating criminal or immigration laws in the United States. This process can result in the alien losing their rights to ever return to the country. An individual may be subject to deportation in the U.S. if:

  • They have aided an alien to illegally enter the country
  • Broken current immigration laws in the country
  • Convicted of serious crimes
  • Involved in acts of terrorism
  • Have falsified legal documents
  • Involved in marriage fraud

Get in touch with Liberty Legal Group today if you’ve been accused of breaking immigration law. Our firm has deportation lawyers that have assisted hundreds of clients in the same boat as you. In addition, we have an attorney that speaks Spanish, Arabic, and English. So, if you need assistance in any of the following languages, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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We’ll Walk You Through the Deportation Process Hearings

The deportation process is overwhelming and emotional. Moreover, it affects not only you and your everyday life but the loved ones around you. When the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement issues and NTA, a hearing is scheduled. Your NTA will state why you or your loved one is being deported. If you have received an NTA, hire legal backup to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. A judge will have to determine whether the NTA is stating accurate and valid reasons for deportation.

When you join forces with our deportation lawyer in Leesburg, VA, we will thoroughly investigate your situation and look into all factors that may affect the hearings. Then, we will build a strong case to ensure that you are getting a reasonable and just outcome during your hearing.

If you are searching for a trustworthy deportation lawyer in your area, call us today!

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Liberty Legal Group has more than two decades of combined experience in Immigration and Criminal Law. So, if you are looking for an attorney that will be able to provide you with extensive knowledge and expertise in your case, call us. Our deportation defense attorney will ensure you get a fair and just chance in a hearing. Since Immigration Law is extremely complex, it requires an experienced defense attorney to help provide relief.

Are you ready to speak to a lawyer about your deportation and immigration concerns? Liberty Legal Group is ready to assist you whenever you reach out. Call now to schedule a consultation!

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