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Robert Bruce

Robert Bruce is a criminal and immigration lawyer at Liberty Legal Group, LLC. He is also a member of the National Association of Defense Lawyers, the American Bar Association, and the American Immigrant Association. He graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Economics and International Relations. He then continued on to the George Mason University Antonin Scalia School of Law. Robert received advanced Arabic language training at the Fajr Center and the American University of Cairo, Egypt. He is foreign service-level certified in both Spanish and Arabic.

Robert has 20 years of experience in human rights, economic development, and public defense. In the past decade, he has represented thousands of Spanish, Arabic, and English speaking clients dealing with criminal charges, and after joining the Law Office of James Rivera, those seeking immigration relief. With extensive experience in case management, forensic evidentiary issues, trial practice, and client advocacy, you can trust him to provide you with adept representation.

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What Clients Say

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Diana Castro Avatar
Diana Castro
10/29/2019 - Google

Mr. Bruce is a great lawyer. He is very professional and very compassionate person. He is very knowledgeable in mental health.

Emily Gonzaga Avatar
Emily Gonzaga
9/26/2019 - Google

I had a case of DUI and a violation that happened by a silly mistake. Robert Bruce and his... read more

Frankie Johnson Avatar
Frankie Johnson
3/26/2019 - Google

Robert Bruce of Liberty Legal Group, PLLC was an inspiration of hope to me and my family at a time... read more

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