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First Rate

First Rate, efficient, honest & customer friendly.

-Ray, December 2020

Use Liberty Legal, LC

I haven't seen any reason not to use Liberty Legal, LC.

-Felix Nkemasong Njinju, November 2020

Easy to Talk To

Easy to talk to. She made me feel so comfortable and explained everything in the simplest format. It was my pleasure talking to Meg.

-Sandra, October 2020

Greatly Reassuring

Working with Liberty Legal Group, LC was greatly reassuring. I had an issue regarding citizenship documents that was poised to throw my life off course. I contacted Liberty Legal, and within less than an hour had an idea of how I might resolve my situation, as well as an appointment with a member of their team to discuss a plan of action. Their team is professional, punctual, and kind. They worked to resolve my issue in an expeditious manner and I am greatly appreciative of their help. I strongly recommend that you contact them for your legal needs.

-John Sciaraffa, June 2020

Immediately Helpful

They were immediately helpful, clear and concise.

-John, June 2020

Highly Recommend

I had a case of DUI and a violation that happened by a silly mistake. Robert Bruce and his firm were able to prove my innocence and get me out of it harmlessly. I highly recommend his legal services!"

-Emily G., 2019

Superb NOVA Attorney

Very professional, hard-working determined, and effective attorney. Mr. Bruce helped me with a case I had been struggling to be heard on for several years with a high-priced Leesburg attorney. In a very short time, Mr. Bruce not only managed to have our argument heard but resolved the entire issue in 1 courtroom visit. Couldn't have been more impressive! Highly recommend this Champion!!

-Tom, June 2017

Great Lawyer

Very knowledgeable, caring, and took the time to answer my MANY questions & concerns. Performed above & beyond my expectations in court.

-Anonymous, June 2017

Good Listener

I’ve consulted with mister Bruce on three different occasions, I’ve always found him both a good listener and a good advisor. I’d recommend him to anyone in need of a good Lawer!

-Michael, December 2020

An Inspiration of Hope

Robert Bruce of Liberty Legal Group, PLLC was an inspiration of hope to me and my family at a time when I was going through some serious legal issues.

-Frankie Johnson, 2019

Very Compassionate

Mr. Bruce is a great lawyer. He is very professional and a very compassionate person. He is very knowledgeable in mental health.

-Diana C., 2019

Experienced, Competent, and Confident Trial/Criminal Attorney

Mr. Bruce came to my aid on a couple of different occasions. On the first occasion, I was accused of violating a protective order when it was absolutely not true. I was incarcerated without bond and only learned about Robert after my bond appeal was denied using another attorney. Unfortunately, that meant that I had to sit in jail for 34 days awaiting trial. Mr. Bruce came to visit me and gave me all of my options to either expedite my release by pleading guilty, wait it out and see if there was a plea deal or go to trial. Because I knew I was not guilty of the crime, I opted to wait out the time until the trial date. Robert knows the Commonwealth attorneys and how to speak to them and present facts about the case. He was able to do that and resolve the issue without going to trial which resulted in my immediate release. It was in the middle of the holiday season and I was extremely sad and scared as I had never been in jail. He left no doubt in my mind that he would take good care of me and make certain I was released on the trial date. He followed through with exactly everything he conveyed to me and there was a very happy ending. Unfortunately, two months later, a similar issue came up because of a volatile situation in my home. I was not arrested but I was nervous about what might happen. Mr. Bruce met me at the Sherriff's office to receive a summons to appear, reached out to the alleged victim to find out what really happened and was able to get the victim and the witness to admit that their story was false and sign sworn affidavits stating that no abuse occurred. On the day of court, he presented the information to the Commonwealth Attorney and they were forced to drop the charges. Unfortunately, once you find yourself in trouble with the law, even on one occasion, it can often snowball because the smallest thing can violate your probation or leave you suspect in situations where law enforcement is trying to determine who is at fault. Robert Bruce was absolute sunshine on my cloudiest of days. He walked me through the process and was extremely calm and confident about the outcome. He is one of the most competent attorneys I have met in a very long time. I would recommend him 100% if you or a family member ever find yourself in unfortunate circumstances.

-Karen, June 2017