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Immigration Attorneys in Leesburg, Virginia

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We offer legal representation in all aspects of immigration law from green card petitions and naturalization, to complex deportation cases. We understand that if you are seeking an immigration attorney, you have a lot on your plate right now, and might be juggling more than you can handle. That's why at Liberty Legal, LC, we attentively focus on your needs and goals while we work on your case. Together, we can help you move forward. Contact us for a free consultation.

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With our team's legal experience and resources, we'll help you save money, minimize stress, and focus on living your ideal life. We help clients deal with a variety of immigration issues, including;

If you have been charged with criminal activity, this can heavily impact your immigration case. You will need an attorney who can navigate both your criminal defense and immigration issues, as well as an attorney who is passionate about helping you. Our team is knowledgeable in criminal and immigration law, so we can offer your case the personalized attention it deserves.

Immigration Benefits Take Time and Skill

When choosing representation for an immigration case, it's vital that you trust your attorney not just for their expertise and skill. It may be months or years before your case is resolved by the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services or the U.S. Department of State. Having a strong rapport with your attorney will give you peace of mind as your case progresses. Immigration issues have become more and more difficult to resolve favorably, which is all the more reason why your attorney-client relationship will be key. You need a legal partner by your side who will fight for you and the future you deserve. We are proud to serve clients in Leesburg, Alexandria, Manassas, Warrenton, and Winchester, Virginia. Set up a free consultation today.