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Green Cards Attorneys in Leesburg, Virginia

Lawful Permanent Resident Status Allows You to
Live and Work in The United States Legally

One of the most popular services provided by Liberty Legal, LC is to help to obtain lawful permanent resident status, often referred to as a "green card." To qualify for a green card, you must be the immediate relative of a United States citizen or (in some cases) another lawful permanent resident; the beneficiary of an employment-based sponsorship, or belong to one of the other special categories.

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Whether the aspiring beneficiary is overseas or already in the United States, the path to a green card is often complicated by the changes in rules and requirements for success. The assistance of an experienced immigration attorney will help you identify potential pitfalls and resolve any obstacles that may prevent the process from going smoothly.

Liberty Legal, LC is pleased to offer free initial consultations by phone to explain the process and complications that may impact your case, such as past visa overstays, criminal charges, or undocumented entry into the United States.