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Will Reckless Driving Get You Deported?

Liberty Legal, LC April 27, 2020

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, driving at speeds exceeding 80 miles per hour (or exceeding any speed limit by 20 miles per hour or more) may get you a citation for the Class One Misdemeanor: "Reckless Driving." This is not an offense to take lightly as it may result in one year in jail, fines of up to $2,500, suspension of your driver’s license, and points on your driving record.

Most first-time offenders will only pay a fine and have their license suspended, but what if you are not a U.S. citizen? Could you be deported for reckless driving?

The answer is "maybe." If your offense was a felony-level reckless driving charge, which means that you were involved in reckless driving that resulted in the death of someone, then your immigration status may be impacted. You will certainly want a lawyer to analyze your case.

If you have multiple reckless driving offenses, you may show a pattern of disregard for the law which may also hurt your chances at immigration benefits. These offenses must be disclosed on immigration petitions for green cards and naturalization even if the cases are dismissed or the charges reduced.